Dave Rubin Confronts Ted Lieu For Slanderous Attack On Candace Owens!

Article by Bryan Howard

April 11, 2019

Dave Rubin went on the attack against Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu for his slanderous attacks against Candace Owens during the Congressional hearing.

Rubin asked Ted Lieu, “Wow, Ted Lieu is still going with this BS. He’s an embarrassment who couldn’t bother to counter anything @RealCandaceO said (didn’t even ask her a question), then got called out and is doubling down as they always do. Did any mainstream media pick this up btw? NY Times, CNN?”

Ted Lieu tripled down on his slanderous claims with a response.


Rubin fired back, “Man, you just can’t stop, huh?” he wrote. “Let’s try this. Yes or no, one word answer, do you believe Candace thinks what Hitler did to the Jews was OK? Yes or no. C’mon say it. I wish I could afford to live in your district I might run against you.”



Lieu ignorantly responded, “I don’t know what Candace Owens thinks,” Lieu responded. “But we do have the video of her own words. And here is how many people have interpreted her words.”


Dave Rubin went for the death blow against Ted Lieu, “actually embarrassed” for the congressman, saying he was “clearly implying” she was defending Hitler’s horrific actions against the Jews but now “won’t even say it.” “Can you speak for yourself or just send me links?”