The New Challenger In Social Media Is Here! Conservatives Need To Support!

Article by Bryan Howard

April 12, 2019

The masters of the universe in big tech Silicone Valley have been able to control what we watch and read. This has been a concern for many Conservatives or anyone who stepped out of line with the leftist talking points who have faced severe censorship. There has not been a serious challenger to compete with these industries until now. There is a groundbreaking new Social Media called ‘MumblIt’  that is highly similar in function to Facebook without any censorship, but the best part is the owner and creator Nick Szankovics is a Conservative who promotes Conservative values.

The big addition that separates this Social media is Nick Szankovics launched his new competitor to YouTube called ‘Kebobble,’ and it functions with the Social Media Mumbl It. Now you are capable of embedding your videos or other Kebobble video’s into your Mumble It account.

I was able to ask Nick Szankovics what inspired him to create a refuge for people to voice their opinions without being censored.

Szankovics responded, “My uncle was consistently getting banned, censored, and removed from Facebook for voicing his opinion. I made Mumblit to give him a voice. Unfortunately, 3 months before Mumblit went live, he committed suicide. I continued with the path to putting Mumblit up, in his memory.”

Szankovics continued, “I feel his outlets were closed up on him, and that’s why he ended his life. I think if he was able to get his voice out there and feel important, that could have been the difference he needed. ”

The unfortunate thought is how many Americans are suffering from a depression because their voices are being censored. Nick Szankovics has provided us an outlet and we should support this outlet he created for us. Please create an account at and These are Conservative outlets that need to be supported by us and the only way to fight back is to make sure we use these platforms. I understand you can’t leave Facebook all together because of family, but you can use Mumbl It and Kebobble for your political news feed.

We Conservatives need to make sure we promote these new platforms for us to voice our opinions. I know many who support Preserve Conservative Values page do complain about censorship and we now have an opportunity to have a platform.

Preserve Conservative Values and PCVtv are currently on Mumbl It and Kebobble if you would like to follow us there when you create an account on this exciting new platform.