Bernie Sanders Tax Returns Shows He Is Not Charitable!

PHOTO: AP Photo / Rogelio V. Solis

Article by Bryan Howard

April 17, 2019

The radical Socialist Bernie Sanders tax returns have been released for the last ten years. The most interesting aspect of Bernie Sanders tax returns is the amount he donates to charity.

Bernie Sanders has championed the idea that we should be giving up our money in order to help out others who don’t work or refuse to work. However, what we have learned is Bernie Sanders is only charitable with other peoples money and not his own.



The chart below establishes that Bernie Sanders has donated less than 0.68% on some years and at the highest he paid 4.07%. In the year 2016 Bernie Sanders made $1.6 million and only donated $10,600 to charity, which is only 1% of his Gross income.

Bernie Sanders does not come close to donating per percentage of the average Christian Conservative who typically tithes ten percent of their salary. My wife and I will donate more than Bernie Sanders per dollar this year than he has in most years over the last ten years. I promise we are no where near the income of Bernie Sanders.