Levin: Mueller Report Volume Two Is A 200 Page Op-Ed With No Legal Significance!

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Article by Bryan Howard

April 19, 2019

The great Mark Levin broke down his views on the Mueller report, and in particular Volume 2 of the report. During the segment Levin notes that Volume 2 is nothing more than a 200 page op-ed from Mueller that does not have in lawful significance.

I have to brag that I beat my hero Mark Levin to this analysis Friday morning on “The Bryan Show.’

Levin stated, “This report, ‘Volume II’ doesn’t have a syllable of legal significance,” he began. “There is not a syllable of law in it. It doesn’t matter what McGahn said or what the president said. None of it has been tested in a court of law. There has been no challenge to it. There has been no cross-examination. Nothing. That’s why Mueller wrote this.”