Supreme Court Seems Favorable Of Census Citizenship Question!

PHOTO: Mandel Ngan / AFP – Getty Images file

Article by Bryan Howard

April 23, 2019

Day one of the Supreme Court hearings over President Trump’s Census citizenship question is turning in favor of the Trump administration. After the leftist federal court Judges attempted to unjustly overthrow President Trump’s citizenship question the Supreme Court seems to view differently.

As I mentioned in my show early Tuesday morning I predicted there are two Judges that will determine the outcome of this law, Judge Roberts and Judge Kavanaugh. However, if today’s statements each of them gave are any indication on how the ruling will be ruled the Trump team should be excited.

Roberts stated, “The principal purpose is to count the population, but we’ve had demographic questions on the census,” Chief Justice John Roberts said. “I don’t know how far back, but certainly it’s quite common.”

“The questions go quite beyond how many people there are,” Roberts noted that the census asks many personal question that would not make this out of the normal.

Justice Kavanugh seemed to view positively on the addition of the question to the census by pointing out this use to be common practice and every industrialized world has a citizenship question.

“The United Nations recommends that countries ask a citizenship question on the census,” Kavanaugh said. “And a number of other countries do it.”

The four Democrat appointed Judges seemed to be voting against the question no matter what the hearing presents, which means Republicans need all five Republican appointed Judges to rule in favor of the question.

As I noted Roberts and Kavanaugh each seemed to hold the question in a favorable way, and the other three Republican Judges typically vote in Republican favor. This means the question is sounding like it will be approved for the 2020 census.