Former CIA analyst: U.K. spied on Trump campaign, passed info to Obama team

PHOTO: Mary Clare Jalonick / Associated Press

Article by Bryan Howard

April 24, 2019

In a breaking interview with One American News (OAN), former CIA and State Department analyst Larry Johnson claimed the U.K. spied on the Trump campaign and passed the information onto the Obama administration.

Johnson claimed this intelligence sharing was conducted by the ‘Five Eyes’ cooperative of the intelligence services of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Johnson’s claim would align well with Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos story. Papadopoulos claimed he was spied on by the U.K. in order to help the Hillary Clinton campaign. Papadopoulos also claimed the U.K. was given permission and authority to spy on him by Barack Obama and his administration.

President trump retweeted this story that was broke by OAN.

Trump tweeted, ““Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.” @OANN WOW! It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!”