Venezuelan immigrant tells Bernie and AOC to move to a Socialist country!

Photo: Getty images

Article by Bryan Howard

April 25, 2019

A young Venezuelan immigrant Jose Vargas gave an interview to Breitbart News warning is to not become a Socialist country.

“There is not a single socialist that is not a liar,” said Vargas ”and that’s what we have here — that’s pretty much the base of the Democratic Party as of today, they all praise socialism and they say, ‘Oh, no Venezuela was not real socialism.’ No, it was.”

“It’s actually socialism, what happened in Venezuela. Don’t let yourself get fooled by them, that’s actually what they want to implement in America — that’s a point of no return, and I would hate to see that happening in the greatest country in the world.”

“I thank God every single day that I was able to get here legally, which is very, very important,” said Vargas, “It’s very concerning, a lot of people complaining, playing victim, ‘Oh, I’m this, I’m that, I’m an immigrant, I’m Hispanic,’ no, this is the country of opportunities, and you work hard enough, whatever you do, you’re gonna get far in life.”

“For instance, you can actually hear my accent,” said Vargas, “but I learned English, because I’m in America. It’s a must. My English might not be perfect but I’m trying to assimilate and I think I’ve done a pretty decent job in that manner.”

“I think most of us are here to assimilate, we want to have a better life, and we want to try that freedom that you guys have here in America,”

Breitbart host asked, “How surprised are you when you see the popularity of socialism growing [in the United States]?”

“I’m not quite surprised,” said Vargas, “because let me tell you something, I know socialist politicians and they tend to be very persuasive. Now the thing is that, before they are elected, everything sounds fine, such as here in America, they’re offering free tuition, they’re offering free healthcare, they’re offering money just for sitting there.”

“But in reality, they just do that to get your vote,” continued Vargas, “and once they are elected, they will let go. They would put all of the means, all of the resources that they can get to not get out from power — they will even point guns at you for you not to take them down.”

Vargas spoke on Democrats claim Trump is a dictator.

“If president Trump were to be a dictator, to begin with, nobody would be able to call him a dictator, they would be almost immediately imprisoned and tortured — [President Trump] has a particular way of saying things, I’m not going to lie, which I honestly like, but he’s really, really far from being a dictator, really far. If he were a dictator, you’d have dungeons of people being tortured, just like we have in Venezuela — he would have his own armed group, just like we do in Venezuela — if Trump were a dictator, or anybody, it doesn’t matter, in the United States, was a dictator, you wouldn’t have no opposition whatsoever. To an extent, it makes me laugh, Alex. It makes me laugh when people try to compare Trump to a dictator — no, you’re in the freest country in the world. You can literally say or do anything you want here without any consequences whatsoever, unless you commit a crime, obviously.”

Vargas had a final message for Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“If they want socialism so bad, why don’t they go to a country where it’s always implemented? I have an apartment back in Venezuela, they can go there and live for as long as they want, rent-free, that’s fine. They need to get that true shock of what socialism is, they need to see the people starving with their own eyes to actually be aware of what they are trying to preach, what they are trying to implement here. I would tell them personally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Sanders, stop lying to American people — we all know that ultimately, you just want to take control, you want to take power and [not] let it go, because that’s how it usually goes, historical records show it that way.“