Brian Stelter Goes To Extreme Leftist Propogandist!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

April 29, 2019

CNN’s Brian Stelter proved on Saturday night exactly why we call him ‘Fake News.’ Stelter ran a fake hit piece against president Trump knowing exactly what he said about infanticide was paraphrasing Democrat Ralph Northam.

Stelter played the clip of Trump saying Democrats want to wrap babies in a blanket while Doctors and the parents collude on if they should kill the baby. Obviously, they knew Trump was paraphrasing Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam when he made that statement on the radio a few months ago, but they decided to not let their viewers know this.

Stelter tweeted, “We led today’s @ReliableSources with Trump’s false, shocking statements about mothers and doctors choosing to “execute” newborns. Here’s what @finneyk said.”

The raging Jew hater Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar decided to join the fray spreading false news to her constituents.

Omar tweeted, “This is truly dangerous and sickening! Is this deranged President suggesting parents and doctors are working together to commit infanticide? We have seen religious fanatics bombing clinics and threatening women, this will fan the flame of violence. Stop the misinformation.”


Here is a full; clip unedited when president Trump made these statements.

Now, watch a clip of Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s statements. You will clearly notice Trump was using Democrats own words, but CNN’s Brian Stelter decided to run a fake news piece in order to gain political favor with the Democrats.