WATCH: Michael Knowels Tells Professor She Is Not Qualified To Teach Because She Believes ‘Speech Is Violence.’

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

April 28, 2019

Michael Knowles from the ‘Daily Wire’ gave a speech at CSULA for young College conservatives. However, at the end of the speech he was confronted by Professors in the Q&A section where they claimed speech is violence.

After a female art professor at CSULA claimed speech is violence she quickly regretted it. Michael Knowles destroyed her by claiming she doesn’t seem to comprehend the basic rules of liberal arts if she believes speech is violence. Knowles continued to make it clear that she is not qualified to teach if she believes that speech is violence.


Another Professor came up to question Michael Knowles on his  stance of pro Christopher Columbus. Knowles debunks the myth that Columbus is evil and a racist genocidal monster. The Professor refused to accept the reality and facts Knowles presented during their debate, which lead to him pouting running away from the microphone.