Women Nearly Half Of Trump Campaign Contributions!

PHOTO: Joe Raedle/Getty

Article by Bryan Howard

May 16, 2019

Nearly Half of President Trump’s campaign donations have came from woman in a new report of campaign donations that were released for 2019. This establishes the main stream media is false again with their narrative that women do not support Trump.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, over 45% of itemized individual contributions to the President’s campaign are coming from women. This report covers the first three months of the 2019 campaign donation year.

The non-partisan organization noted that women donated $1.5 Million in the Trump campaign, while men donated $1.8 million. This establishes women are supporting Trump at nearly the same rate as men.

President Trump has raised an outstanding $30.3 million total fundraising during the time between January-March if include more than individual contributions.

The President has been out fundraising any Democrat opponent that is currently running in 2020!

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