Decaying Culture: New York Looks To Be First State Wide Legal Prostitution!

PHOTO: Kimberly White / Reuters

Article by Bryan Howard

June 10, 2019

New York is in a heated battle for the most morally decayed state in our country. The most recent bill that is about to be passed is the legalization of sex workers (prostitution). The bill was introduced on Monday to the Senate State House of New York.

The Bill would make it legal to buy or sell sex by two consenting adults. It would still be illegal for children to be in prostitution or anyone who is involved by force. The bill was written by advocacy group DecrimNY.

The Bill reads, “AN ACT to amend the penal law, in relation to decriminalizing sex work; and to repeal certain provisions of such law relating to prostitution (Part A); to amend the criminal procedure law, the civil practice law and rules, the social services law, and the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to eliminating prior criminal records and making other related changes; and to repeal certain provisions of the criminal procedure law relating to the prosecution of prostitution offenses (Part B); and to amend the multiple dwelling law, the public health law, the real property actions and proceedings law, the real property law, the vehicle and traffic law, and the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to making conforming changes (Part C)”

The Bill continued, “Section 1. This act enacts into law major components of legislation 2 relating to the decriminalization of certain prostitution offenses. Each 3 component of this act is wholly contained within a Part identified as 4 Parts A through C. The effective date for each particular provision 5 contained within such Part is set forth in the last section of such 6 Part. Any provision in any section contained within a Part, including 7 the effective date of the Part, which makes reference to a section “of 8 this act”, when used in connection with that particular component, shall 9 be deemed to mean and refer to the corresponding section of the Part in 10 which it is found. Section three of this act sets forth the general 11 effective date of this act.”

the bill would allow Pimps and prostitutes currently serving time to request to be released from prison. Which makes no sense to allow Pimps out of prison considering they forced the protsitutes into the field.

State Sen. Julia Salazar (D), and state Sen. Jessica Ramos (D) introduced the bill to the state Senate floor.

Salazar stated, “When we talk about decriminalization, we’re talking about consenting adults. Anything that involved children or coercion are things that we feel strongly need to remain in the penal code.”

Ramos stated, “This entire conversation really happens under the banner of reducing violence. We don’t want sex workers to experience violence at the hands of customers, or the police, or anybody.”

This bill would be absolutely distructive to a moral society. Legalizing prostitution will not reduce violence and there are zero studies that prove this to be true. Their will likely be an uptick in forced prostitution considering it would be legal and less police looking to intervene in the process. Also, many young adult woman will quickly look to prostitution when they realize selling their body is a lot easier than having a real job and finishing an education.

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