Gaetz Exposes John Dean For Making Career Claiming Republicans Presidents Are Worse Than Nixon!

Photo: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

June 11, 2019

The Democrats led by little fat tyrant Jerry Nadler brought the circus in the House to a whole new level by having John Dean be the star for the day on Monday. Dean was charged and found guilty of obstruction of justice during the Watergate Scandal.

Republican Congressman from Florida Matt Gaetz used his time for questioning to expose Dean as a person who has made a career by accusing Republican presidents of being worse than Nixon.

Gatez: “Mr. Dean, how many American presidents have you accused of being Richard Nixon?”

Dean: “I actually wrote a book about Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, with the title ‘Worse Than Watergate.'”

Gaetz: “Did you make money on that book?”

Dean: “It was a very successful book.”

Gaetz:”How much money did you make?”

Dean: “I have no idea”

Gaetz: “More than a million bucks?”

Dean: “No,”

Gaetz: “More than half a million bucks?”

Dean: “I said I don’t have any idea.”

Gaetz: “How much money do you make from CNN?”

Dean: “I don’t really know exactly,”

Little fat tyrant Jerry Nadler cut Gaetz off and attempted to prevent Gaetz from furthering a serious good line of questioning.

Gratz fired back at little fat tyrant Nadler, “Mr. Dean has made a cottage industry out of accusing presidents of acting like Richard Nixon. I would like to know how much money he makes based on making these accusations and exploiting them for his own economic benefit and you’re saying that’s out of line?”

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