Beto O’Rourke Entertains Idea Of Removing Citizenship Testing!

PHOTO: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for SXSW

Article by Bryan Howard

June 11, 2019

Robert Frances O’Rourke ‘Beto’ called for entertaining the idea of removing a citizenship test for immigrants. O’Rourke called for this insane stance during his Iowa townhall according to reports.

Reporter Brittany Shepherd posted on twitter that O’Rourke entertained the idea of removing testing for immigrants to become citizens. O’Rourke didn’t outright endorse the idea, but he did seem favorable to the idea.

Reporter Brittany Shepherd Tweeted, “.@BetoORourke says the elimination of the citizenship exam is “something for us to think about” in response to a panelist characterizing the test as another structural barrier for immigrants.”

Senator Rick Scott Tweeted, “Stunning. @BetoORourke says we should eliminate the citizenship exam, which tests new citizens’ knowledge of U.S. history and government.  Why IN THE WORLD would he think that’s a bad thing? Dems running for Pres are embracing the far left, fringy, extreme wing of their party.”

The current immigration tests on history and civics is rather easy as it already is. Anyone is capable of going to the citizenship practice test on the Government webpage. I took it before finishing this article in curiosity on difficulty level and received a 20 out of 20. It took less than 5-minutes to take. I am sure many leftists like Beto would fail, but any Conservative would pass this test with ease.

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