Caught Bernie Sanders Not Checking Math In McDonalds Minimum Wage Claim!


Article by Bryan Howard

June 10, 2019

The radical Socialist Bernie Sanders established he doesn’t understand basic math when he targeted McDonalds.

Bernie Sanders tweeted, “.@McDonalds made $6 billion in profits last year and paid its CEO $22 million in compensation. It is not a poor company. It damn well can pay all its employees a living wage of $15 an hour.”

I replied back, “In 2018 it was reported McDonald’s has 1.7 million employees. By your numbers if we removed profits and the CEO each employee would get $3,542 a year. However no one to run the company. I don’t think that $3,542 a year at high risk of losing jobs within months would change lives”

Continued debunking, “This would be giving an rough average of $1.7 raise an hour. Still doesn’t reach your $15 hour minimum wage. Basic math is hard for a Socialist.”

It bothers me no one seems to ever check Bernie Sanders numbers when he spews his nonsense about corporations and minimum wage. Most right-wing sources even give Bernie Sanders a pass accepting he is a crazy old loon, but this is why his followers get strong is by not fact checking him.

*Side Note- I removed 200,000 employees trying to estimate for employees in other countries. The numbers claim 1.9 million employees, but some of those were in other countries which I didn’t want to account for.

*Side note continued- I also did not account for the McDonalds increase in taxation for the pay raise, which would reduce the amount each employee would get an hour for the numbers Bernie provided to work.

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