Duke Nukem Calls Himself a Superhero ‘Avenger’ While Republicans Are Hunger Games!

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Article by Bryan Howard

June 10, 2019

‘Duke Nukem’ Eric Swalwell appeared on the Iowa Democrat stage to gain some momentum into the primary. Swalwell attempted by claiming that the Democrats are the Avengers and Republicans were the evil Hunger games.

Swalwell stated, “Thank you, Iowa. Congratulations to tonight’s honorees. Welcome to my fellow candidates. Whom I consider — we are all a part of being The Avengers. The Republicans in 2016, that was ‘The Hunger Games.’”

Swalwell continued, “We are in this with your help and support to save this country we love so much.”

Swalwell concluded, “I’ll tell you what you did, you cut our time in Hell in half. You gave us a shot to save the country. But I think it is time that we don’t just play defense, but we actually go on offense.”

The large problem with Swalwell’s statement is the Avengers produced a very Conservative message, while villain Thanos was deep in Marxist Progressive ideas. Thanos believed in remaking the universe because life was burning through resources, which lead Thanos on a mission to end half of the life in the universe to save it from a ‘Climate Change’ catastrophe.

The Avengers were fighting to preserve life and the way the world has been functioning. The Avengers were trying to save Family values and preventing an authoritarian regime from dictating how everyone should live without choices.

Spoilers: This is a clip from Avengers Endgame, where Thanos claims that people will resist his Bold progressive ideas to save the universe.

Keep in mind Swalwell threatened death to anyone that was going to stand in his way of a ‘Bold idea.’


‘The Bryan Show’ episode breaking down How The Avengers were extremely Conservative, While Villain Thanos was a bleeding Progressive.

The Hunger Games was a horrible analogy as well considering the Hunger Games was built around the idea of the Stalin Soviet Union. The Hunger Games was ran by a Socialist regime that believed everyone but the elite Government should have to live by a rationing of food and materials. The Hunger Games split up the country into 12 districts specializing in certain work that was determined by the Government. This what happened during the Soviet Union, and coincidentally Bernie Sanders has proposed this exact idea 2 years ago.

Eric Swalwell and the Democrats seem to have no concept of their ideas and the ideas of the evil villains of the past and in movies.

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