Sanders slams Dems for doing ‘absolutely nothing’ at the border

Article by Bryan Howard

June 11, 2019

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss updates to current events in the White House. Sanders slammed the Democrats for refusing to help at the border and established Mexico cares more about America than Democrats do.

Sanders directed her attention to the Democrats and little fat tyrant Nadler’s dog and pony show with criminal John Dean. Nadler brought in John Dean as an expert on the Russia collusion, which shows how far down Democrats have sunk. Dean was charged and convicted to obstruction of justice and a known liar during his Nixon years.

Sanders finished off by discussing the Barr investigation. Sanders claimed Attorney General William Barr is turning over every rock to find corruption with the origins of the Russia Trump collusion.


One thought on “Sanders slams Dems for doing ‘absolutely nothing’ at the border

  1. Trumps inability to close the border to invasion means there is no voting our way out of this. Only fools will fail to prepare for the worst government can befall upon us now.

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