Trump Defends Kellyanne Conway!

Photo: AFP

Article by Bryan Howard

June 14, 2019

President Trump appeared on Fox and Friends on Friday morning to defend Kellyanne Conway. Many on the left are calling for her to be fired due to breaking the Hatch Act, but Trump had her back in this interview and refuses to bend a knee.

Trump stated, “No, I’m not going to fire her. I think she’s a terrific person, she’s a tremendous spokesperson, she’s loyal, she’s a great person … Based on what I saw yesterday, how could you do that?”

Trump continued, “You ask them a question, you ask a person a question, and every time you are supposed to say I can’t answer, I can’t answer? I mean, she’s gotta have the right of responding to questions. It really sounds to me like a free speech thing. A person wouldn’t be able to express themselves and I just don’t see it.”