Watch: Prophet Kim Clement Prophesies Trump Anointed By God To Be President In 2007!

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Article by Bryan Howard

June 28, 2019

Many Conservatives who are heavily religious believe president Trump was anointed by God to be the leader of our nation. But, I can assure this seems to be the case. A well respected Prophet Kim Clement, who is recognized by high ranking religious organizations as a true prophet gave many prophecies that Trump is anointed by God to be president, dating back to 2007.

I wish I could take credit for finding these gems of clips, but one of my best friends sent me these links about 6 months ago. After digging deep into Kim Clement and watching many of his clips online I have concluded he seems to be a true prophet that God is speaking to.

I hope you are ready for goosebumps because these clips below will increase your faith that the lord is at work in our nation to protect his people. Interesting fact after having many prophesies over Trump becoming president Kim Clement unfortunately passed away weeks after Trump won the election against Hillary Clinton. It’s as if the Lord decided his mission on this world is done and time for him to go home to the lord.

In 2007 Kim Clement prophesied that Donald Trump will be president anointed by God to bring safety back to America. This clip will give you goosebumps recognizing that the lord is a work in this nation to correct an evil that has taken over this country.

Clement prophecy claiming God has ‘raised a man for this time (Trump), but the enemy will do whatever it can to place a witch (Hillary Clinton) into the Whitehouse.’

Clement prophesized that Trump will replace two Supreme Court Justices to over throw Roe V. Wade.

Here is a clip of Clement prophesizing over Trump and events Trump is dealing with to this day.

Below are more interesting clips of Kim Clement and Trump.

God and Donald Trump