Obama Gave Immunity To Hillary Clinton For Deleted emails!

PHOTO: Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

July 1, 2019

In a developing story Judicial Watch drops information that Obama granted immunity to Clinton Lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s emails being deleted.

Clinton’s personal lawyer and liaison Heather Samuelson, admitted under oath she was granted immunity for the deleted emails from the Obama DOJ.

JW Tweeted, “BREAKING: JW announced today that former SecState Hillary Clinton’s WH Liaison at the State Dept, and later Clinton’s personal lawyer, Heather Samuelson, admitted under oath that she was granted immunity by the DOJ in June 2016 (1/3).“

JW continued, “Samuelson also revealed that, contrary to what she told the FBI in 2016, she was, in fact, aware that Sec. Clinton used a private email account while secretary of state (2/3).“

Judicial Watch concluded, “.@TomFitton: “The news that the Obama DOJ gave immunity to Heather Samuelson, Hillary Clinton’s lawyer responsible for the infamous deletion of 33,000 emails, further confirms the sham FBI/DOJ investigation of the Clinton email scandal,” (3/3).”

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