Federal Judge Dismisses DNC’s Lawsuit Against Trump!

Article by Bryan Howard

July 31, 2019

On Tuesday, a federal Judge has ruled against the DNC and their lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The lawsuit was over the alleged role Trump played in Russia hacking the DNC’s email.

Judge John Koeltl who was appointed by Bill Clinton fired off in an opinion against this false hoax lawsuit against Trump. Koeltl dismissed the allegation that Trump played any role in the email hacking and claimed “The primary wrongdoer in this alleged criminal activity is undoubtedly the Russian Federation,” Koeltl continues, “under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act … , the Russian Federation cannot be sued” in U.S. courts.”

Trump tweeted, “Wow! A federal Judge in the Southern District of N.Y. completely dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Democratic National Committee against our historic 2016 campaign for President. The Judge said the DNC case was “entirely divorced” from the facts, yet another total & complete….”

Trump continued, “….vindication & exoneration from the Russian, WikiLeaks and every other form of HOAX perpetrated by the DNC, Radical Democrats and others. This is really big “stuff” especially coming from a highly respected judge who was appointed by President Clinton. The Witch Hunt Ends!”