Rat Runs Through Live Broadcast In Streets Of Baltimore!

PHOTO: DSD via Pexels

Article by Bryan Howard

July 30, 2019

Baltimore local Fox News was doing a live broadcast in the streets of Baltimore talking about Trump’s tweets over the rat infested city. During the live shot a rat ran through the broadcast almost in perfect timing.

The reporter Maxine Streicher was talking about how the citizens were telling Trump to come see the street for himself. They were insinuating that the citizens and the reporter disagreed with the President.

Maxine Streicher stated in the broadcast, “Now, we spoke with many people today, who say the president should consider coming here to Baltimore, to the Sandtown area, and taking a look at things for himself.”

Fox Baltimore tweeted, “A rat runs through a FOX45 Baltimore Reporter’s live shot during a story on President Trump’s tweet Baltimore is rat infested”

It should be noted local Fox News Baltimore is an anti-Trump network and would not have planted a rat in this scene. This went against the entire narrative they were attempting to run.