Dana Loesch Hits Gun Control Logic!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

August 7, 2019

The amazing, talented, intelligent Conservative radio host, Dana Loesch appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Tuesday night to discuss gun control laws Democrats are calling for. Dana Loesch was her brilliant self destroying the Democrats logic with facts and reason.

Loesch responded to Tucker Carlson asking if CNN invited her to be apart of the townhall over the two mass shootings, “No. I wasn’t asked to participate. I always go everywhere good discussion is happening or where I think I can have some kind of impact in terms of bringing factual arguments and reasoned-based arguments to the subject, because it’s incredibly important. So they didn’t ask me.”

Dana Loesch responded to Tucker Carlson about CNN host Chris Cuomo being the moderator of the CNN townhall claiming she doesn’t “have the highest expectation that it’s going to go well.”

Loesch continued, “I think that’s asking a lot of viewers to sort of suspend their reality and accept him as that neutral individual. I don’t think they can.”

Tucker Carlson asked“What do you make of Joe Biden’s promise that if elected he’ll send armed federal agents to the homes of law-abiding Americans and demand their guns. What would happen if he did that?”

Loesch responded, “Wow. I’m amazed at this argument from individuals who say that you can’t deport people who enter the country illegally because there’s too many of them, but yet at the same time, they say you can go door-to-door to millions of homes and you can take a perfectly legally-owned, legal to own objects from law-abiding innocent people.”