AOC: All Trump Supporters Are Racist And Need To Be Educated That They Are Racist! PCVtv

Article by Bryan Howard

August 17, 2019

The radical Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared on the far-left pod cast ‘Pod Save America,’ where she castigated all Trump supporters as racists. Ocasio-Cortez went further and claimed that we need to be educated that we are racists as well.

The host started off claiming, “Trump becomes president and then there was this debate about you know, are Trump voters racist and clearly you see the rallies and you see stuff online and theirs racists there. And then I wonder I don’t necessarily want to vilify people who vote for Trump, but at the same time you want to call racism out. And I don’t know how even beyond Trump I don’t know how we piece this back together. Or where are the spaces for these conversations. It’s certainly not twitter.”

AOC responded, “No it’s certainly not. Well first of all I think the biggest mistake we have, and it’s a trap that is set by the right whether initially or unintentially is simply asking is blank racist. That is something that we have to pull ourselves out of.”

AOC continued, ” It’s not about asking if Trump voters are racists. We need to talk about racism. Not racists. Racists it’s a very two dimensional boring conversation. Is something racists? Yes or No? And then you debate that. What do about that.”

AOC: “We need to talk about racism, it’s contours, it’s histories, where it manifests, how it’s used. Because like all winning political phenomena whether there good or bad in your opinion they rely on coalition building. So Trump relied on coalition building and a core part of that were racists building a coalition with all sorts of other people that could be susceptible to racists views if they were blanketed and layered and made people feel good about not being a racist thing.”

AOC concluded, ” And so there are a lot of people that support Trump that don’t believe they are racists. Ummm, because we don’t talk about or educate people about recognizing racism, and because we don’t do that, ummm…it, it just allows itself to just…..we get caught up in if something is racist and then a person uses their defensiveness and they say well its not racist and I’m not racist and I believe this thing because it’s economic by nature.”