Andy Ngo Claims Antifa Is Attempting To Push The United States Into A Civil War!

Article by Bryan Howard

September 3, 2019

The Journalist that specializes in following Antifa Andy Ngo had a sit down conversation with Breitbart News’s James Delingpole. During the Conversation Andy Ngo claimed Antifa is attempting to push the United States into a civil war!

Ngo claimed, “There is a symbiotic relationship between extreme anarchists and hardcore communists. And the violence they do on the street is towards furthering their war. They are actually trying to agitate for a revolution. So from the outside is may seem like stupid street violence and vandalism but they really believe that we are living in the latter days of fascism. The conflict is going to happen in the future by bringing these brutal forms of violence, either against the state, individuals, or property. Instead of inching closer and closer to that final, climatic battle, it’s going to make us run quicker there.”

Ngo stated,  “We have authorities or academics have the frameworks for researching violent extremist ideologies and I’d like to see that applied to Antifa. I think, in some ways, how they organize has many parallels to Islamism,” Ngo continued. “So I don’t see them as just a benign movement of so-called antifascists. I mean, I don’t even give them that propaganda win of calling them antifascists. I say “Antifa” because I want to separate that from antifascism, which to the average person would sound like a very noble thing.”

2 thoughts on “Andy Ngo Claims Antifa Is Attempting To Push The United States Into A Civil War!

  1. Antifa is evil. Patriots, beware. When patriots are peacefully assembling there is always a chance of sudden Antifa attack. Be aware. Be prepared. Be smart!!! Do not allow evil to sucker you in and commit a crime against Antifa or their supporters. Sadly, there are traitors within the legal and political systems that support Antifa and the perverted sick causes they represent. This was most recently seen in Portland, Oregon.

    The police can not be relied upon to stop Antifa from egging patriots on to attack and thus appear to be the trouble makers. In Portland, OR, and Berkeley, California local traitor politicians ordered the police to take a minimalist approach resulting in Antifa physically attacking peaceful patriots. One Antifa (may have been a supporter, not a full member) was captured with a video camera smashing a patriot on the head with a metal bicycle lock requiring stitches at the hospital. The thug was a teacher at Diablo Valley College. Thankfully the punk was fired. Sadly, though find guilty at a criminal trial the traitor judge gave the vicious brute a very light almost meaningless sentence. There are videos on YouTube and lots of Web coverage about this incident though, of course, elite-owned tyrannical media either ignored the story or limited the coverage to local media outlets.

    Never allow Antifa to make you react in anger. Do not play into their hands. Know the basics of the law in whatever area your are assembling with fellow patriots. Know to what extent you can legally protect yourself from attack. When in known leftist areas such as Berkeley, CA and Portland, OR and other leftist locales take extra care. Have your own people take videos constantly so they can be used as evidence in court. If possible sue the pants off the scum!!! Even better, sue the bandanas off their ugly faces!!!! Hitting a wallet can cause more pain than hitting a nose and then the Antifa filth can not sue YOU for striking the blow… even if those Antifa punks deserve that blow and a hundred more!!!

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