Trump Claims DACA Will Be Going To Supreme Court And He May Sign It Out Of Law!

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Article by Bryan Howard

September 6, 2019

President Trump announced on Twitter that DACA is unconstitutional and Obama did not have the constitutional right to sign the document into law. Trump claimed this will be going to the Supreme Court and will likely be over turned.

Trump continued in his statement claiming if Obama can sign the document into law then Trump could sign it out of law. Currently there are estimated over 3 million people in the DACA program that are living in the United States with out ever going through the proper legal channels to become a citizen.

Trump tweeted, “The Immigration Law Institute’s Christopher Hajec says, “The Supreme Court has to look st whether DACA is lawful. What they are looking at now is whether Trump’s recision of DACA is lawful. Must consider lawfulness of DACA itself. Looks very odd that President Trump doesn’t have the discretion to end the program that President Obama began in his discretion. That program was unlawful to begin with. I think it’s very unlikely that the SCOTUS is going to issue an order reinstating what it believes is an unlawful program. DACA Is unlawful.” …..

Trump continued, “….President Obama never had the legal right to sign DACA, and he indicated so at the time of signing. But In any event, how can he have the right to sign and I don’t have the right to “unsigned.” Totally illegal document which would actually give the President new powers.”

Trump concluded, “DACA will be going before the Supreme Court. It is a document that even President Obama didn’t feel he had the legal right to sign – he signed it anyway! Rest assured that if the SC does what all say it must, based on the law, a bipartisan deal will be made to the benefit of all!”