Liz Cheney: Democrats Don’t Care About The Constitution And Are Desperate To Impeach Trump! PCVtv

Article by Bryan Howard

September 11, 2019

During a House press’s conference Republican Rep of Wyoming Liz Cheney fired off on the Democrats. Cheney was not entertained by the Democrats complete desperation for impeaching president Trump since the day he entered office. These statements come after Democrats announced they will go for a second attempt to impeach Trump.

Cheney stated, “I know our members come back energized for having spent the work period with constituents who themselves are very energized and recognize the stakes that we’re facing here. And I would say that is a significant contrast to where the Democratic caucus is and the extent to which you have had particularly the Democratic members in vulnerable seats who have a huge disconnect between what their constituents want, why their voters sent them to Washington, and what is happening here with the Democratic caucus.”

Cheney continued, “You’ve got members who went home — who are Democrats — who promised they were going to bring jobs back, who promised they were going to work across the aisle, who promised they were going to find common sense solutions to the problems their constituents are facing. And instead, what we have all seen is a terribly radical dangerous agenda coming out of the Democrats and one that we’re going to see continue, certainly.”

Cheney said, “We are already seeing that now … in terms of the kinds of substance that they are focused on. Their efforts to kill fossil fuels, their efforts to fundamentally violate the Second Amendment of American citizens, and their absolute determination to go down the path of impeachment.”

Cheney noted, “On impeachment what we’re seeing, and they’re speaking very publicly about this on the record to many of you, that their first effort at impeachment seems not to have worked. So, now they’re looking for another path to impeachment.”

Cheney concluded, “They have been determined to impeach this president at all costs since he was elected regardless of the Constitution. They are fundamentally failing to abide by and live up to their constitutional responsibilities, turning impeachment into an absolutely political endeavor.”