Pelosi COVID-19 Relief Plan $300 Million To Refugees!


Article by Bryan Howard

March 24, 2019

The next few articles that will be released will focus on what was inside Nancy Pelosi’s Socialist wish list relief package.

Democrat Rham Emanual once stated, ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ and we see that this philosophy holds strong with the Democrats right now.

In Pelosi’s wish list relief bill there is a specific portion where she wants to give $300 million for Migration and Refugee Assistance.


Clearly, any individual that has two brain cells that are capable of rubbing together can come to the conclusion this has nothing to do with the crisis we have at hand. Pelosi established she does not care about giving money to tax-paying American citizens that are forced to not work at this time. However, Pelosi establishes she cares more about giving more money to immigrants that have not been paying into the system.

This is a massive Socialist wish list of open borders Democrats have been calling for the last decade.

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