China Owns USA Movie Industry: Which Production Companies To Avoid!

PHOTO: Image courtesy AMC Theatres

Article by Bryan Howard

Date: March 23, 2019

The world entered a pandemic that has shut down all economies in a way we haven’t seen since World War II. The shut down was caused by COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus, which is highly deadly to the elderly population and spreads extremely quickly.

We know this virus came from Communist China, and they refused to let the top countries in the world help contain this virus. China was hiding information and misleading the world experts so their government would not look incompetent. Some studies suggest that this world spread could have been lowered by 95% if China would have taken the help and advice from the top countries in the world that offered help.

Since China could have prevented this hell on earth we need to consider this an act of war, and we need to remove their influence within the United States. One of the main industries China has pushed their propaganda has been through the movie industry. The Chinese Government owns movie production companies that have effectively controlled messaging that are pushed through the entertainment industry. This is why I believe it is time to expose these companies, and patriots need to refuse to see any movie created by these companies. If our government won’t kick them out of our country then we need to force them out with our money.

Below is a list of Communist Chinese Government-owned and operated movie production industries that produce American films. Before you go to see a movie please double check it has not been made by any of these companies.

Alibaba Pictures
Asia Film Company
August First Film Studio
Banana Pictures
Beijing Enlight Pictures
Beijing Galloping Horse Group
Bliss Media
Centro Digital Pictures
Chengdu JinXi Cultural Media and Production Company
China Film Group Corporation
Cinema Popular
Datong Film Company
DMG Entertainment


Fantasy Pictures
MZ Pictures
Fly Films
Fundamental Films

Great Wall Film Company

Hengdian World Studios
Heyi Pictures
Huayi Brothers
Imar Film Company

L’est Films Group
Laurel Films
Le Vision Pictures
Leeding Media

Mili Pictures Worldwide

Northeast Film Studio

Pearl Studio
Perfect World Pictures
Polybona Films
Puzzle Animation Studio

Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Shanghai Film Group
Shanghai Film Studio

Tencent Pictures
Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media
Tianyi Film Company

United Photoplay Service

Wanda Media
Wenhua Film Company

Xinhua Film Company
Xstream Pictures

Chinese owned companies have not stopped at producing movies, but have bought the largest movie theaters in the USA. They are AMC and Carmike. Unfortunately, these theaters which I have enjoyed should no longer be visited by American patriots.

I understand this will be inconvenient, but this is a small sacrifice we Americans can make in order to take back our country.

There will be more posts to come on Chinese companies to avoid in different industries. Please come back later to for future updates.