Democrats Sneak In Huge Union Benefits In Relief Bill!

PHOTO: Credit: Newsday / John Asbury

Article by Bryan Howard

March 26, 2020

The Senate passed a Coronavirus relief bill late Wednesday night. However, this bill was not a straight relief package for the people suffering in a time of need, but instead a poison-filled bill the Democrats pushed hard for.

Over the next few articles, we will expose what poison pills are in this Senate relief bill Democrats forced into this bill. Republicans had their hands tied behind their back because they were desperate to give help to the people, while Democrats were looking for money to be handed to them and their big donors.

In this segment of what is inside the Senate relief bill, we expose how Democrats helped out their big donor in labor unions. Democrats forced into this bill any midsized company (which is 500-10,000 employees) takes a loan from this relief bill they can no longer fight against any unionization inside their company.

The wording of this bill claims if the business takes the loan from this relief bill then they must stay neutral if a Union attempts to come into their company. The penalty lasts the entire duration of their loan pls two years after they finish paying it back.

union 1



Union 2


Union 3




It is not stated how this has anything to do with the Coronavirus, but it is clear Democrats are in bed with their big donor Union organizations. What the Democrats have done is create massive slush funds for their big donors in a relief package, and they made sure Americans suffered in order for them to do this.

When this crisis ends we may need to consider the absolute removal of unions from our country. I say this because that goes against our capitalist system and they are clearly corrupt looking to be in bed with politicians.

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