Dems Give Millions To NPR And PBS In Senate Relief!

Article by Bryan Howard

March 26, 2019

The Senate passed a Coronavirus relief bill late Wednesday night. However, this bill was not a straight relief package for the people suffering in a time of need, but instead a poison-filled bill the Democrats pushed hard for.

Over the next few articles, we will expose what poison pills are in this Senate relief bill Democrats forced into this bill. Republicans had their hands tied behind their back because they were desperate to give help to the people, while Democrats were looking for money to be handed to them and their big donors.

In this installment of what Democrats snuck into the Senate relief bill, is  $75 million in funding to Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and National Broadcast Radio (NPR). These are government-funded media that specialize in spreading far-left conspiracy theories for the Democrat party.

Below is picture evidence of what was written in the bill.

PBS NPR bill

These entities should not be receiving funding from a Coronavirus relief bill, and definitely should not be receiving any tax funding due to their clear bias politically.

Recently the NPR stationed in Seattle claimed they will refuse to air President Trump’s conferences over the Coronavirus. NPR claimed that President Trump is lying so we won’t air him. Obviously, Trump is not lying and NPR believes in Communist tactics by silencing President Trump’s voice so they can attempt to control the narrative.

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