Dems Sneak Huge Payment To Congress Maintenance In Relief Bill!


Article by Bryan Howard

March 26, 2020

The Senate passed a Coronavirus relief bill late Wednesday night. However, this bill was not a straight relief package for the people suffering in a time of need, but instead a poison-filled bill the Democrats pushed hard for.

Over the next few articles, we will expose what poison pills are in this Senate relief bill Democrats forced into this bill. Republicans had their hands tied behind their back because they were desperate to give help to the people, while Democrats were looking for money to be handed to them and their big donors.

On page 781 of the relief bill has Nancy Pelosi’s addition for salary and expenses of $25 million to Congress salaries. Yes, Democrats held up relief money to the people so they could gain $25 million


Democrats made sure to sneak into the relief bill $25 million for the architecture of their Capital Construction and Operations.


Democrats still not feeling satisfied with taking advantage of a crisis by making sure the Congress library salaries got $700,000.


The American people were help hostage so Democrats were capable of paying themselves $25+million dollars in this relief package. While the rest of us are forced to stay home and not earn money.

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