Texas Gov Will Not Release Dangerous Criminals For COVID-19 Outbreak!

Article by Bryan Howard

Date: March 30, 2020

During the Coronavirus outbreak across the country many state Governors (Democrats) are releasing criminals back on the streets so they don’t get the virus. However, that lead to many violent/dangerous criminals to roam the streets causing harm to their neighborhoods.

States like California, New York, and Michigan have issued the release of prisoners so the spread of Covid-19 is not going to harm these criminals. Yet, these Democrat Governors could care less about law-abiding citizens’ safety from these dangerous criminals.

However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (Republican) is a great leader and issued an Executive Order Sunday night that prevents the release of Dangerous Criminals For COVID-19.

Abbott tweeted, “Today I issued an Executive Order preventing the@release of dangerous criminals from prisons & jails. We want to prevent the spread of #COVID19 among prison staff & inmates. But, releasing dangerous criminals in the streets is not the solution. #txlege #coronavirus”

Texas is the second most populated state in the country and currently is only 11th most state infected with the virus. Abbott seems to be leading the state towards a successful fight against this deadly virus, unlike the failing Governor of New York who allowed this outbreak to demolish his state.

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