Watch: Jill Biden Has To Remind Joe How Many Grandchildren They Have!

Article by Bryan Howard

Date: April 6, 2020

Presidential Democrat hopeful Joe Biden establishes he is suffering from severe dementia every time he appears on television. At this moment Biden either forgot how many grandchildren he has or he purposefully omitted Hunter Biden’s new child with a stripper.

During an interview, last week with Jimmy Fallon Biden stated,  “I have five grandchildren. Every single day, I either talk to them or we text.”

However, on Sunday during a Biden cyber townhall Jill Biden acknowledges they have 6 grandchildren.

Jill Biden stated, “We have three children, and we have six grandchildren.”

Either Joe Biden did not remember how many grandchildren he had, or he is attempting to hide the fact his son Hunter Biden had a child recently with a stripper from Arkansas.

Either way it establishes Joe Biden is not capable of being the President. If he is losing his mind and can’t remember something basic like how many grandchildren he has, or he is trying to lie and hide a basic fact that his son had a child with a stripper.

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