Fact Check: Did Quarantine Protesters Wave NAZI Flag?

PHOTO: Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty

Article by Bryan Howard

April 20, 2020

The media and reporters on the far-left mainstream media are attempting to falsely portray quarantine protesters as NAZI loving supporters. However, we are going to use this time to debunking this radical lie.

During President Trump’s Coronavirus task force conference Sunday evening a reporter declared that the protesters against the quarantine were waving NAZI flags, which caught President Trump off guard. Trump quickly responded saying ‘I never saw that.’ Trump knew in his gut this felt like a lie and was untrue, but this was clearly the first he heard the claim.

Fact Check:

Did a quarantine protester in Michigan hold a NAZI flag?



The Claim that a man in Michigan was carrying around a NAZI flag during the protest on April 15th was from this picture floating the internet.


However, after many Conservative Journalists and bloggers did some digging this picture was declared a hoax. The picture was taken in Idaho at a Bernie Sanders Rally on February 29th.

However, this is where things get interesting. The person holding the NAZI flag turns out to be an ANTIFA member who is a Bernie Sanders supporter. He was attempting to frame the Trump supporters that were protesting the Bernie Sanders rally as NAZI supporters.


Below is a picture of the man dressed in his ANTIFA shirts on Bernie Sanders side of the line. Interesting is you see the man holding a Bernie Sign and his NAZI flag.

Journalist Andy Ngo specializes in reporting and exposing ANTIFA and he created a video exposing this man as a Bernie supporter that attempted to frame the Trump supporters as NAZI lovers.

The only other picture found waving anything to do with Hitler or NAZI’s was a woman insinuating that the Michigan Governor was a NAZI. This was due to the Democrat Governor’s clear Fascistic policies.


The media clearly lied and ran fake news in order to demonize normal American citizens fighting for their freedom. This could be used to sue any mainstream media outlet that made the claim for libel.

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