Pelosi On Calling Trump ‘Morbidly Obese’: ‘I Didn’t Say Anything About’ Him; He Has ‘Doggy Doo On His Shoes’

Article by Cindy Mitchell

May 21, 2020

Nancy Pelosi has continued her immature comments on Wednesday claiming Trump has ‘doggy doo’ on himself. This comes after she was questioned of her immature statements calling Trump morbidly obese.

A reporter asked fancy Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “Given what you just said about the President and his administration, how are you confident that you are going to be able to come together?” “The two of you have been exchanging pretty strong criticism in the last few days.  How does that help to negotiate another deal?”

Pelosi responded to her fat-shaming of President Trump, “Well, I didn’t say anything about the President. I gave him a dose of his own medicine. He’s called women one thing or another over time. And I thought he thinks that passes off as humor in certain cultures. And I thought that was what that was. And I was only quoting what doctors had said about him. So I was being factual in a very sympathetic way.”

Pelosi said that Trump had “doggy doo on his shoes”  When answering a question about Trump calling out the suspicious death of Joe Scarborough’s intern from 2001.

Pelosi stated, “You’re asking me about the appropriateness of the actions of this President of the United States? It’s like a child who comes in with mud on their pants or something. That’s the way it is. They’re outside playing. That’s what it… He comes in with doggy doo on his shoes and everybody who works with him has that on their shoes, too, for a very long time to come.”

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