Trump tells governors feds ‘will step in’ if government disagrees with state reopening plans

Article by Cindy Mitchell

May 19, 2020

Last week host Maria Bartiromo with Fox Business sat with President Donald Trump, Talked about the reopening of the country.  President Trump and his administration revealed guidelines for when states should begin lifting stat-at-home orders and social distancing measures that are many to slow the spread of the Covid-19.  President Trump said we need to get this economy going.  President Trump also stated to Maria that his critics want the economy to remain shuttered until the November election, calling Democrats’ reluctance to lift the coronavirus measures “a political thing.”

On Monday President Trump had a conference call with all the governors about the reopening of their states, and it is reported he said he “will step in” if the federal government disagrees with state reopening plans.

CBS released an audio clip of Trump’s conference call on Monday, “The governors are making their decisions, and want to make their decisions, and that’s the way I want it to, and we will step in if we see something going wrong, or if we disagree, and some people say that’s nice, and some people say I shouldn’t be doing that, but we’re going to do it if we see something wrong.”

Trump continued: “If you have any problem, let me know please, but it seems that the governors are largely happy. And I think I can say extraordinarily happy with respect to what we’ve done.”

On Monday Trump tweeted out “REOPEN OUR COUNTRY”!



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