Rubio Claims ‘Someone Broke The Law’ Discussing Rice Email!

Article by Bryan Howard

May 21, 2020

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the released Susan Rice email. Rubio claimed “Someone broke the law,” and this fact “alone is cause for accountability to find out who did it.”

Rubio was disgusted with how the intelligence community has acted with their spying on a political campaign. Rubio noted “at the end of the day, elements of a phone call between Mr. Flynn and the ambassador from Russia at the time were leaked to the press” hinting to further a political narrative.

“Someone broke the law,” Rubio continued claiming that this fact “alone is cause for accountability to find out who did it.”

Rubio stated, “That is information that was owned not by the intelligence community. It was owned by the FBI, they have possession of it, and so I think it’s very valid to ask who knew about this information.

Rubio continued, “You cannot have a law enforcement agency have people within it break the law.”

Rubio stated, “The email actually makes it abundantly clear that this is actually at that point no longer an intelligence community issue, this was an FBI issue, which is why I believe that the hearings in Judiciary is the proper forum to look at how the FBI handled this entire process and figure out if there was any wrongdoing in the way it was approached.”

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