Mark Levin: People don’t remember the shocking extent of Obama’s ‘police state tactics’

Article by Cindy Mitchell

May 20, 2020

BlazeTv host Glenn Beck talked with Mark Levin on Friday night’s episode of “GlennTV.” Glenn claimed that Obama built a covert bureaucracy to “transform America” for a long time to come, and Gen. Flynn was targeted because he happened to know “where the bodies were buried,” making him a threat to Obama’s “secret legacy.”

Levin also agreed, noting the “shocking extent of the police state tactics” by the Obama administration. He thought of several scandalous happenings during Obama’s “scandal-free presidency” that nobody seems to remember.

There is so much information in this video that people may have forgotten or didn’t know about please listen, you will be glad you did.

Watch the video below for more:


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