Democrats Should Not Choose What Is or Is Not Racist!

Author Eric Pustmueller

May 28, 2020

All the news is focusing on these days is racism displayed in public. The shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, the police being called on Christian Cooper, and the awful death of George Floyd. You cannot go on social media without people having something to say about it or making a post about it. However, there was something very racist that took place during this timeframe that is getting far less attention, and that is the comment made by Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Even more, if people are excusing what Joe Biden said, or still supporting the Democrat party, then people only care about racism when people’s lives are on the line. And there are plenty of examples of why both Joe Biden, and the Democrat party, are racist, yet people continue to support them both.


To start, let us take a full review of Joe Biden and his history or racism. On Tuesday May 26th, Joe Biden had an interview with Charlamagne tha God in which he said “If you’ve got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.” The outcry of racism from that quote has been far less significant than that of Ahmaud Arbery or George Floyd. If any Republican had made a comment like that, the public outcry would have been far more intense, especially if it had come from President Trump. Additionally, there is a beautifully written article by Derecka Purnell from The Guardian titled “Black Americans are in an abusive relationship with the Democratic Party”. In that article, the many instances of racism displayed by Joe Biden is highlighted. Examples include Biden supporting and passing different crime laws that have targeted minority populations, changing social security benefits that will directly impact minorities, and various quotes disparaging minorities. Over the past 30 years while Joe Biden has been in politics, he has regularly supported or passed laws that have been unfair to minorities, and when questioned about it he will regularly justify his stance. Many people who support Biden excuse his behavior because he was Vice President to Barack Obama. This is the classic example of someone saying “I can say that, I have a black friend”, but this does not excuse his behavior at all. If anything, Joe Biden should know better because he served under Barack Obama. And if Obama truly felt like Biden was the best candidate for President, why did it take Biden winning the Democrat nomination before endorsing him? Why didn’t Obama endorse Biden from the start of this campaign? Joe Biden has a history of racist policies and questionable decisions, and history does not disagree with that. Yet his racism still comes out in full display. But it is not just Joe Biden that displays racism, it is evident throughout the entire Democrat party.


When looking for instances of racism, Democrats have a history of racist behavior and policies. While diving into the racism of Democrats, first it needs to be pointed out that the Republican Abraham Lincoln ended slavery. Southern Democrats, called “Dixiecrats”, seceded from the Union and ultimately wanted to keep slavery. There has not been a “party switch” as many Democrats want people to believe, because slavery is a massive atrocity and black eye on America, and they do not want their political party associated with that part of American history. That is also an underlying cause as to why Democrats want Confederate monuments and statues removed because it reminds others that history is not kind to Democrats and their history of racism. Slavery aside, there are current policies and platforms that Democrats praise as support and help to minorities, but ultimately is not the case at all.


When viewing Democrat and liberal platforms, there are four major platforms that at their core are racist, but Democrats would have you believe they are not. Those four platforms are minimum wage, welfare/social security, Affirmative Action, and abortion. Minimum wage, for example, was pushed by Democrat congressman Miles C. Allgood. Minorities were getting more jobs at lower pay than whites. He saw employers bring in “cheap colored labor” and pushed to have a minimum wage to push out minorities. Additionally, states and areas that have a $15 minimum wage, a rate that has been pushed by Democrats for years, have higher rates of unemployment in minorities compared to areas that do not. Welfare and social security are highly relied upon by minorities. Housing, food stamps, and benefits are distributed to minorities at a much higher rate than whites. Many would say these programs benefit minorities because it helps them receive necessities, but when you look deeper at the programs you realize it makes them more dependent upon the system. If a person on benefits earns a certain amount of money, usually the minimum wage, they lose their benefits. But those benefits do more to them than a minimum wage job will, so they remain on government benefits and do not seek employment. Additionally, a single mother with children will receive more in benefits than she would if the father of her children lived with her or if they were married. So, this program encourages single family households in order to receive more in benefits, leading to more broken homes. Affirmative action has been billed as a benefit to minorities, but since the introduction of the program, minorities have dropped out of college at a higher rate. There are multiple interviews, articles, and books written about how Affirmative Action may have had good intentions, but it has harmed minorities. The key argument is if you cannot make it into college based on academics and merit, you are doing more harm than good, and many studies support that argument. And lastly, abortion is also a racist platform if viewed by the numbers. Democrats are “Pro Choice”, meaning you can have an abortion if you choose to do so. However, when you look at the numbers, blacks and Hispanics have significantly higher abortion rates than whites do. In fact, black have an abortion rate nearly 2.5x greater than whites. Unborn black children are being aborted at a much higher rate, which harms the black population and the future of minorities. When you combine minimum wage, welfare, Affirmative Action, and abortion, and the true harm it causes minorities, you find an alarming trend on the Democrat side. Minorities are encouraged to have broken homes and rely on the government for financial gain. Increasing minimum wage harms minorities, which makes them dependent upon the government even more. Democrats continue the narrative that they want to help minorities, but their programs they continue to pass only makes minorities dependent upon the government, ensuring Democrats have positions in government for years to come. Due to the many racist programs pushed by the Democrats, there is a movement happening in which many minorities are changing political affiliation because they do not want to be dependent upon Democrats anymore.


Currently, there is a movement called Blexit, encouraging minorities to leave the Democrat party and liberal mindset, and change the thoughts and narrative surrounding minorities in America. Founded by Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum, both of which are minorities that previously identified as Democrats, Blexit encourages minorities to overcome reliance on the government, pursue entrepreneurship, and changing education and criminal justice systems. Candace Owens, specifically, has been a voice on how racist Democrat policies are and how the liberal platform harms minorities far more than it helps them. She has pointed out that Democrats push a racist narrative to make it seem like they care about minorities, especially with the latest instances of Ahmaud Arbery, Christian Cooper, George Floyd. Those in Blexit have also talked about how Democrats harm minority families by encouraging broken homes and make minorities dependent upon the system to ensure job security. Those in Blexit, or who look at the statistics in general, know that racism is not the cause of these issues, but rather a racist narrative is.


When looking at the numbers more deeply, there is a clear bias in both the media and the liberal narrative that impacts and influences minorities. For example, in relation to the recent police violence, figures show that whites are killed at a much higher rate than blacks and Hispanics. In fact, whites are killed more than blacks and Hispanics COMBINED by police, yet there is no media coverage on those numbers. That does not scream there is a race issue, if anything, it might show more of a police issue. Places where Democrat or liberal policies are enforced, there are higher rates of minority poverty, government dependence, drug use, homelessness, and violence. Yet Democrats keep pushing the race narrative because they cannot afford to lose the minority vote. When viewing racism in America, it is clear that liberal media and Democrats are pushing the narrative but choose to remain silent when one of their own is part of the problem. Joe Biden is racist and has racist policies, the Democrats support racist policies, and if you are upset about the violence against blacks but are not upset about Joe Biden and Democrat policies, then you are choosing what is racist and what is not.

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