Rush Limbaugh speaks the power of prayer as he discusses cancer update!

Article by Cindy Mitchell

May 27, 2020

Our beloved legendary conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, 69 is needing our prayers to get thru his cancer treatments. I know I will be one to be Praying for him.

Limbaugh says I am leaning on God’s blessings amid my battle with advanced lung cancer.  Rush continued with the latest bout of treatment has presented me “virtually worthless.”

“There have been many cycles, but this is the third wave, and this current wave, I have to tell you, is kicking my ass,” he said during his show, and regardless of being run down Rush said that everything in his life is a blessing — including “just waking up.”

Limbaugh continued  that he’s only had energy to rest, relax, and recuperate from the treatment.

“Every day, I wake up and the first thing I do is thank God that I did,” he said. “Just waking up is a blessing.”

“I know many of you are praying daily and nightly,”  said Rush. “I happen to believe that [prayers] work. I believe that they are sustaining me, and I pray for the energy to be able to do this. … I have to be honest: I do not have the energy that I used to have.”

“My attitude is this — and the reality is — the day is gonna come where I’m not gonna be able to be here,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t know when that is, and I’m hoping that it is months, years. I’m hoping that the current cycle [of treatment] that we’re in does its magic and starts working on the tumor as the clinical trial drugs did. But regardless, the day is gonna come where it isn’t gonna be possible to be here every day, and who knows? It may not be possible to be here for three hours a day.

“Any chance to do the show,” he continued, “I’m gonna take it.”

Rush Limbaugh our Prayer’s are with you! God Bless You.


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