Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Sends Out A List Of War Supplies For ANTIFA Members!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 1, 2020

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar needs to answer to her involvement with the ANTIFA organization after her daughter tweeted out a list of war supplies needed for ANTIFA members.

Journalist Andy Ngo who specializes in uncovering ANTIFA established Irsa Hirsi (daughter of Ilhan Omar) retweeted Twin Cities DSA (ANTIFA Twitter page) that requested war supplies for ANTIFA members.

Andy Ngo tweeted, “Ilhan Omar’s daughter retweeted a list of needed supplies for “comrades” who are rioting in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities DSA asks for ply wood, sticks, rackets and more.”

Irsa tweeted, “yes i’m an empathetic person. sue me.”

Irsa continued, “lmao the fact that me trying to help people is seen as bad. i didn’t even say i support the actions at the protest. i just CARE”

President Trump has labeled ANTIFA a terrorist organization and if someone is giving them aid it is a crime that is punishable with the RICO statute.

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