Minnesota Governor’s Daughter Tweets Out Inside Information To Help ANTIFA!


PHOTO: MinnPost photo by Craig Lassig


Article by Bryan Howard

June 1, 2020

The Democrat Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has some explaining to do to his citizens for ties with ANTIFA and their rioting. Walz has allowed for the rioting’s to continue without much intervention until after the city was burned to the ground.

However, it seems there may have been reason for that considering his daughter Hope Walz was sending out tweets to give aid to the ANTIFA protesters about when the National Guard will be showing up.

Walz tweeted, ” Could someone who actually has followers rely to the masses that have gotten “national guard” trending that the guard WILL NOT be present tonight?? there is a lot of misinformation that is further spreading fear and chaos at the scene of the protests.”

Walz continued, “the guard can not be sent in within minutes. it takes time for them to deploy because they come from all over the state. to be clear, the national guard will not be present tonight. just because someone asked for something doesn’t mean it’s happening right away or even happening at all. i don’t know about swat by what i do know is the guard will not be present arresting people tonight.”


Hope has since deleted her account on Twitter, but this is alarming that the Governor of Minnesota’s daughter was sending out inside information for ANTIFA members to continue to riot and harm people.

If Tim Walz had any integrity he would step down and allow a full blown investigation into himself and his daughter’s involvement with ANTIFA.

In my opinion it seems Democrats are using their children as proxies to send messages out for their ANTIFA thugs.

Here is a photo of Hope and her father Tim Walz.



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