Candace Owens Breaks Down Why George Floyd Should Not Be Used As a Martyr! Amazing Watch!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 5, 2020

Candace Owens released a video where she called out the radical left for making George Floyd as a martyr. Owens makes a fantastic point that George Floyd should not be praised by the black community because he was a disgusting criminal and never changed.

Owens does note that the officer who killed Floyd should still be charged and is wrong, but it is important to understand context before you praise a man as a martyr.

Owens notes the extensive rap sheet of Floyd, but there is one specific crime that makes him subhuman that should gross out any human alive. Floyd and five other men pretended to be with the water utility company in order to get a 30-year old black pregnant woman to answer her door while she was home alone. When she wouldn’t let them in Floyd slammed open the door and put a gun on her pregnant stomach while the other men robber her house looking for drugs and money.

Floyd spent 5 years in prison for this crime, and I will say what not many other people are willing to say. I have zero empathy for what happened to Floyd after learning what he did to a pregnant woman. In a civil society real men would have prevented people like Floyd from being a disgusting human.

Candace Owens video.

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