Severe Blue Flu In The City Of Atlanta! After DA Wants Death Penalty For Officer In Brooks Shooting!

Article by Bryan Howard
June 18, 2020


After the radical far-left District Attorney of Atlanta Paul Howard charged Officer Rolfe with murder for defending himself from a violent criminal Police Officers in the city caught a severe case of the Blue Flu.

It is being reported that officers have called off in Zones 1,2,5, and 6 in the city of Atlanta. This is because they view if they respond to any call they could suffer a punishment of the death penalty from their DA.

Todd Starnes tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: Georgia police sources tell me only two police precincts are staffed in the entire city of Atlanta. Entire zones of officers are walking off the job. Zones 1,3,5 and 6 have left their posts. Zones walking off the job. #BlueLivesMatter”


“As difficult as it may be, outside law enforcement agencies must reject any requests for help from the Atlanta mayor. Let Black Lives Matter patrol the streets. #BLUELIVESMATTER

“UPDATE: A source in the Atlanta PD just told me there are more than 500 calls holding and all of the surrounding counties are refusing to send any help. #BLUELIVESMATTER

Cernovich tweeted, “After mass walkouts among members of the Atlanta police department, the mayor began requesting assistance from mutual aid jurisdictions. Officers from these jurisdictions are refusing to respond to any call other than one for an officer down.”

Cernovich tweeted out a Zone 6 scanner, which is still silent to this point.

Here is a clip of the scanner showing no one responded to a call of a person with a gun in zone 3.

The Atlanta Police attempted to shut down this narrative on Twitter, but it didn’t help much considering people hear the radio’s were silent on the scanner.

APD tweeted: “Earlier suggestions that multiple officers from each zone had walked off the job were inaccurate. The department is experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs with the incoming shift. We have enough resources to maintain operations & remain able to respond to incidents.”

As reported earlier from Rising Liberty,

The far-left  District Attorney of Atlanta Paul Howard announced on Wednesday he will be charging Officer Garrett Rolfe with 11 counts of criminal charges, including felony murder over the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

The DA has is pursuing the death penalty or life in prison for Garrett Rolfe as well if he is convicted of the crime.

This comes after Officer Rolfe and Officer Bronson responded to a drunk violent Brooks passed out in his car. After a physical altercation Brooks stole the taser gun and fired it back at the officers. In a response Rolfe fired his gun in an act of self defense.

CBS News reported, “The District Attorney said the officers failed to provide “timely” medical attention to Brooks for two minutes after he was shot and that Rolfe kicked Brooks as he was lying on the ground, “fighting for his life.””

DA Howard claimed that Bronson was cooperating with his office and agreed to testify against Rolfe in exchange for a $50,000 bail.

However, it seems DA Howard is a lying scumbag because the attorney for Bronson rejected that claim and corrected what actually happened.

Bronson’s attorney stated, “To be clear – Devin is cooperating with the Fulton County District Attorney’s investigation. He met with the assistant district attorney and investigator yesterday and answered their questions. He turned over his phone. He is in the process of providing medical records and photographs of his injuries. He has NOT agreed to be a ‘state’s witness’ or to testify in any court hearing or to plead guilty to any charge.”

Not only did the attorney reject Howard’s claim, but Brosnan’s legal team also disputed the aggravated assault charge. “He put his foot on the arm to make sure [Brooks] didn’t have access to a weapon.”

It is evident Democrats are playing politics and are fine with putting innocent men like Garrett Rolfe on death row for protecting his community and doing his job as an officer. Not only should Rolfe not be charged with a crime, but he should be awarded a medal for his heroism.

One thought on “Severe Blue Flu In The City Of Atlanta! After DA Wants Death Penalty For Officer In Brooks Shooting!

  1. This is a detailed and well-researched article, but I disagree with the idea that “blue flu” is good. First, it’s illegal in Georgia for police to strike. Breaking the law is wrong, period. Second, it’s worse to break the law when you are supposed to enforce it. That’s hypocrisy. Third, they call it “blue flu” instead of a strike because they know it’s illegal. They are just pretending to be sick, obviously, and that means they are being dishonest as well. Police are better than this. We need them to show that they are better than people say they are.

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