BLM Co-Founder Admits They Are Proud Marxists!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 22, 2020

The left has championed the radical violent terrorist organization Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, they have not been truthful with the America on what the organization stands for (hint it’s not black lives).

Black Lives Matter was created by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors, And the three radical’s are attempting to push Marxism within this country under the guise of standing for injustices against black people.

I have been saying this for many years, but now we have evidence of Patrisse Cullors admitting they are trained Marxists during an interview in 2015.

Cullors stated in a 2015 interview, “Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”

Black Lives Matter should be rejected at every turn and anyone involved in the organizations should be jailed for life as terrorists attempting a coup against this great country.

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