CNN’s Stelter Gives Credit To Tik Tok For Attempt To Sabotage Trump Rally!

Article by Cindy Mitchell

June 22, 2020

Fake News reporter CNN’s Brian Stelter was excited about the empty seats at the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday.  Stelter noted TikTok user Mary Jo Laupp for the low turn out at the rally.  Laupp produced a video urging people to sign up for the rally and then not show.  This is something the left would definitely do to sabotage President Trump.

Stelter stated, “It seems that one of the other reasons why there were so many empty seats is a no-show protest.”

Stelter continued, “Her video was viewed tens of thousands – hundreds of thousands of times, and then her video led to others, you had younger TikTok users going on posting similar videos, K-Pop fans were on there as well trying to sabotage Trump’s rally. And look, it did seem to work to some degree. We don’t know exactly how well, but Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, was out there talking about how many people were signing up. Trump was bragging that there were a million people RSVP’ing, they were gathering all this data about people they can use for the campaign. But apparently it was a bunch of kids, a bunch of teenagers signing up as a protest.”

Mary Jo Laupp, a.k.a. “TikTok Grandma,” conveyed anger that President Trump originally planned to conduct his rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa.  When interviewed by fake news Brian Stelter.

“I had educated myself on Black Wall Street and understood better why black content creators on various social platforms were really upset and frustrated with the original plan of Juneteenth for the rally in Tulsa,” Mary Jo said. “And I posted a video late Thursday night, the 11th, that was just sort of meant to be a frustrated rant. I had 1,000 followers on TikTok at that point. Most of my videos were seen a couple hundred times, maybe.”

Laupp said, “All I know is I was at a birthday party for one of my grandkids and my phone started blowing up with friends wanting to make sure I’d seen what was going on, and I hadn’t been paying attention.”

Stelter could hardly contain himself, (because this is a tactic that the left would do) he was excited about the video going viral and people signing up for the rally and not showing, he asked asked Mary Jo “Do you think this is how it’s going to be from now on, whenever the President holds a rally there’s going to be this attempt to prank him, to troll him, to trick him?”

Mary Jo replied, “And I don’t think it was just an issue of pranking him. I think you’ve got a lot kids in the younger generation, 20-year-olds and teens, who are very aware – they’re much more aware and much more self-educated when it comes to things like black culture.”

Founder of Rising Liberty and host of ‘The Bryan Show’ Bryan Howard noted he received many emails from people attending the rally who were not allowed in because of BLM and ANTIFA blocking the entry. Thousands of Trump supporters gathered together outside of the stadium and created a Trump rally, which would have filled every seat in the arena.

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