NPR Runs Fake Story That Right-Wingers Are Using Cars To Drive Through Protesters!

Article by Bryan Howard

June 22, 2020

The Publicly funded by tax payer money ‘National Public Radio (NPR) ran a fake story and headline of a car running through rioters who were being violent. In Louisville, Kentucky a car was attacked by rioters who were getting violent, which led to the driver to hit the gas and drive through the crowd.

The riot was over the death of Breanna Taylor who was shot by mistake from Police Officers when they received a bad address.

Below we will breakdown how the media is malfeasant in their journalistic careers, and are not out for the truth but looking to tell you a story that favors their political narrative.

NPR will turn a story of far-left wing extremists into a hero in this story, and label individuals who are driving to get to work or home as far right-wing extremist villains’ for trying to escape being murdered.

NPR claimed the driver was a far right-wing extremist who drove their car into peaceful protesters.

NPR headline on Twitter read as, “Right-Wing extremists are turning cars into weapons, with reports of 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since protests erupted nationwide in late May.”

NPR car protesters



The Louisville, Kentucky CBS news WLKY reported the Police are looking for the driver who struck the protesters.


However, good citizens of Louisville took a video recording of the events and handed the evidence over. Here you can see the far-left wing extremists were extremely violent towards the driver and even pulled a gun on her. It is discovered in the video the driver is a female based on what the people are saying.


Here is a screenshot of one of the rioters pulling a gun out on the female driver. Who now is being reported to be a black female. Which truly kills the narrative that NPR and other media outlets attempted to smear this person as.

gun car


NPR was caught in their lie when evidence of the video was released to the public so they quickly attempted to back track. NPR released a statement on Twitter, “NOTE: A precious version of this post and story included a photo of a protester being struck by a car in Louisville, Kentucky. The photo, chosen by editors, does not appear to be an example of the assaults described in the story, and has been replaced.”


NPR correction


NPR released a new picture of the article, but it was again a massive fail. NPR used a picture from 2017 as a replacement, however this doesn’t make sense because they claimed the original picture was removed due to it wasn’t the event they were talking about.

NPR new pick

Obviously, NPR was caught in running fake news, but when they attempted to save their skin they were caught using a three year-old picture. The reason for this is because the original picture was the story they were eluding to, but it was the rioters who were violent.

WLKY attempted to give a qualifier in their backtrack to why they were caught running fake news as well in their news feed.

WLKY qualifier

On June 12, 2020  NPR ran an article claiming anyone who attempted to flee being murdered by a violent far-left wing extremist mob was far-right. Even though majority of the cars driving into crowds is due to them trying to escape from being murdered.

NPR right terrorism cars

The female driver turned herself in, but was released because she was clearly defending herself. However, there were arrests made in the far left-wing extremist groups. One of the individuals arrested for attacking the female driver was Darius Anderson.

Darius anderson arrest


NPR should be defunded instantly for this clearly fake a fraudulent story they ran. And no one should continue to trust the Main Stream Media because they are nothing more than a far-left activist group spreading propaganda.

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